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Pink Sugar

Super Fun Down Under emerges as a cyberpunk duo, pulsating with dystopian rhythms, edgy guitar riffs, and visceral synths. Their compositions are a symphony of euphoria and thrill, resonating with the essence of their Gold Coast origins while traversing the vibrant landscapes of Australian and Japanese music scenes. 

Channeling the electrifying essence of Daft Punk blended with the raw vocal prowess akin to the Beastie Boys, they craft a unique fusion of electro punk. Stemming from impromptu jam sessions in Guy’s studio, their music evolves into full-fledged productions that captivate audiences worldwide. 

As seasoned producers, both members have garnered accolades, shaping their musical journey into a full-time endeavor fueled by relentless passion. Praised for their impeccable production, Guy and Jake's craftsmanship shines through each track.

SFDU CycloneSFDU Cyclone_1.2.23.jpg

With new compositions in the pipeline and an upcoming Japan tour in August, the duo continues to push boundaries, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in their sonic universe. Explore more about Super Fun Down Under on their website and groove to their beats on Spotify. 

Super Fun Down Under isn't just a band—it's a movement. A testament to living on the edge, their music transcends time, inviting audiences to revel in the spirit of tomorrow, today.


Join the party and embrace the sounds of 2099 with Super Fun Down Under. 

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SFDU CycloneSFDU Cyclone_1.2.13.jpg
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