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Pink Sugar
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Touring Japan & Australia October 2023

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Get ready to dive headfirst into a neon-lit musical sensation as cyberpunk party band maestros 'Super Fun Down Under' emerge from the Gold Coast, Australia! With electrifying beats and dystopian melodies to make you wanna dance, this enigmatic collective is set to storm Japan on a tour through Tokyo and Osaka, with support from label Human Records.. Come party with us live!

As the name suggests the band is all about high energy fun on stage, ​featuring Guy on guitar, bass, keytar & vox, Loustar from Banks of the Beautiful on vox & bass, Kirk Mesmer from Sook on vox & guitar and Jake Mortdogz 5000 on the drums & vox.

Mark your calendars for October 26th, as they're poised to unleash their new single WILD. Their previous track ITAZURA KITI has already notched up a staggering 116,000 plays on Spotify! Brace yourself for an onslaught of sonic innovation as 'Super Fun Down Under' prepares to captivate the globe before returning to their home turf for an electrifying performance on the Gold Coast at Mo's Desert Clubhouse. Strap in, the future of music has arrived!

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Banks is lord gamer king

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